What You Should Do inCase Your Account Has Been Hacked


Often times people take all the necessary precautions to avoid the currently famous problem that involves hacking but the major problem is that you can’t protect yourself 100% from malicious hackers. They hack Twitter, Facebook and email among other platforms which can pose a threat to you because this is where you often store your online banking details and other information.

Note that, this can happen to anyone as it has happened to celebrities, public figures and it once happened to the white house.

Steps to secure your account

Change your password

If you manage to notice your account has been hacked earlier and you are still able to log in, change and reset the password. Form a new password making it longer or mixing in some symbols to stop the hacker.

Check the email you linked to the account

It’s easy to hack Twitter accounts because it allows one to log in using their username or email. If you discover that you have been hacked check the email address you chose to ensure it hasn’t been hacked too, they can easily reset the password and still gain access to your Twitter account as well as your email.

Your third-party apps

Twitter accounts have allowed the third-party apps to ease its operations which have actually led to the growth of Twitter. However, they compromise on security because even if you change your password these apps can access your Twitter account. You can revoke those 3rd party apps that you don’t know much and close apps that you no longer use.

The two-step verification

For security reasons Twitter invented the use of mobile verification, once you key in your password the account sends you a verification code on your phone. This makes it hard to hack Twitter account because the hacker will have to steal your phone too for them to access your account verification code.

Delete offensive tweets

If need be, you will need to delete the offensive tweets which may lead to hackers wanting to scrutinize you. You can also apologize to the parties involved.

In case you cannot access your account

Contact your Twitter account provider

Here you may need to fill out their Twitter’s hacked account form and it may be a process if the hacker had already reset your email password that is linked to your account but rest assured they will help you eventually.

Contact your bank

If you make online purchases or online businesses you may need to contact your service provider if you have one, the online bank and local bank. This will notify them in advance of a possible hack into your bank thus making them heighten security on that account.

Contact your friends, families and employers

Tell them ‘your email,Twitter or Facebook has been hacked’ this helps you not get into trouble for sending bad emails, tweets and any information.

Change your passwords

Whether it’s your Twitter, Facebook online bank, email or any other social platform you will have to set a new password.

Lastly, always backup your information as it could be hacked at any moment and purchase a hacker protection system which may partially secure you.


As the social media is growing so are hackers increasing in order to hack twitter Facebook and email accounts for various reasons, it’s important to be vigilant and enhance your safety on the internet.

more details in this post: http://www.thegrimsbygardenclub.ca/should-you-hack-twitter-why-it-isnt-always-funny-to-hack-your-friends-account/

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