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How to HACK Twitter Advanced Search to message your product

HACK Twitter

Modern social media marketing is about speaking to your customers in a way they are willing to engage with- wouldn’t it be great to hack Twitter to work for you? The tools to do the job are built into Twitter already, if you just know where to look. Twitter advanced search offers a huge trove of data for you to access if you just know how.

How will advanced search help me hack Twitter?

Getting your customers to your product is a matter of the right keywords and interests to attract them. Advanced search lets you find the keywords they’re already using. You can then take this valuable data and apply it across all your advertising platforms.

So what do I do?

To hack Twitter for your benefit, you’ll be searching for questions and sentiments expressed on twitter accounts. This could be anything from a ‘How do I…’ query to a plea for a recommendation. Search for those phrases in the advanced search engine, and see what comes up. The insights and data will be invaluable. Make great use of the sentiment button too. Look at what’s attracting negative sentiment among your competitors, and you’ll get incredibly useful data on what is irritating or even pushing away customers. Look for what they’re doing right too and learn from it. And lastly, don’t be afraid to research your competitors overall so you know what you’re working against.

Obviously, there’s a lot more you can do to hack Twitter then these relatively simple steps. Use combined queries to yield more detailed and specific results. Look for emoticons that express sentiment. Look for products and product lines similar to you. Exact phrases, ‘any of these words’ and ‘excluded words’ searches, hashtags that are trending, what people are discussing in what language, what accounts, date ranges, places and emotions are tied to these are all tools the advanced search offers that can yield you vital data for your campaigns. Be creative, think ahead, and mine the data so easily offered to you to help you make the best of your products, services and brands.get some advice at http://www.wired.com/2015/10/hack-brief-hackers-steal-15m-t-mobile-customers-data-experian/

Don’t forget the big picture.

Remember that it doesn’t end when you hack Twitter. You want to take the data you have so carefully collected and equally apply it to the other areas of your social media and larger web campaigns.

HACK Twitter

The key words, concepts and issues you’ve harvested data on can be used to drive paid advertising campaigns, web presence, website key words, Facebook campaign tie ins and adds and much much more. You are literally limited by your ability to put out good content and to adequately use the insights you’ve been handed. Why not use this fabulous opportunity to maximize your overall web based advertising gains?

You can hack twitter to your advantage by make a smart and thorough use of the advanced search feature to help you get the very best of information on what your audience are interested in.

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