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Hack Twitter Accounts With Phishing


Do you like the idea of being able to hack Twitter? It’s certainly more than possible to do. Sadly, hacking on these large social media platforms is one of the biggest modern issues. If you have a legitimate reason to add yourself to their ranks the tools for you to do so are certainly out there. Below we’ll look at the way to do so with phishing techniques. However, and it’s a big however, there’s a question or two you need to ask yourself before you do so.

Why are you looking to hack Twitter?

Don’t roll your eyes yet. This is a very, very legitimate question to be asking yourself. Firstly, the majority of those who successfully hack Twitter and other social media platforms are not pillars of society. They are doing it to gather personal data about people in order to harm them, financially or emotionally. This is, of course, highly illegal, and will result in criminal conviction when caught. Of course, you may have a different motive. You may simply be doing it for amusement, or out of a profound sense of frustration. Maybe it’s to gain revenge, or simply for a bit of malicious fun. Don’t get caught up in the romantic idea of being a hacker. In the end, you’re causing pain to a person who may not even be known to you and are invading their personal space. It’s really not a moral thing to do and may well carry heavy repercussions if caught.for more details, visit their website at http://www.hacktwit.com

How to use phishing on Twitter.

If you’re hell-bent on causing a stir and using talent to hack Twitter, then you’ll need the phisher’s tools of a fake log in page that redirects to your site of choice, upload it to the web and run your tests. What should happen is that you will have the password and username entered by the person on the fake user page stored ready for you to use. Of course, the elaborateness of a phishing strike may not even be needed if the password level on the account is poor. Some automated password guesser can make a field day of weak passwords, especially at high level administrative posts. It seems impossible that a simple brute force attack could work on accounts up to and including president Obama’s, but we all know it can from that notorious incident.

Is there a better way to achieve my goal?


The act of perpetuating a phishing attack is, of course, a fairly sophisticated one. Whilst demo fake login pages and such exist for download, the recoding and the making of these pages is quite a skilled act of programing. If you’re still unclear as to your goals in hosting the phishing attack, there’s very likely a more productive and less vengeful way to challenge your talent to get the results you want to achieve from the phishing attack.read this news to get latest updates.

Overall, there is next to no reason to try to hack Twitter accounts, be it of strangers or people you know.

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