Hack Twitter Facts


Do you know how easy it is to hack Twitter? Sadly, all the big social media site suffer from security lapses that make accounts easier to get into then we’re perhaps happy with. Sadly, most of these security breaches are caused, not by the platforms themselves or administrator mistakes, but by the account owner’s mistakes. Ensuring your basic online security is a vital thing, yet one we often neglect.

How easy is it to hack Twitter?

Twitter hack tools are everywhere, sadly. A little bit of searching in the dingier parts of the web will bring it to light almost immediately. People even sell courses on how to do it. There’s also a seemingly endless supply of inventive minds out there working to mischief and poorly directed providing new hack techniques when old ones are bypassed.

How do you know you’ve been hacked?

Compromised accounts can help hackers gain access to other accounts. People are likely to trust content originating from accounts they trust, and click on links that will in turn compromise them further. You may not know about the attack, even, until the point that someone informs you. Hopefully you have a good relationship with your audience and they’ll let you know something seems off. In turn, be sure to let others know when you pick up odd content originating from their mailboxes. Sometimes the platform itself will notice and obvious hack and inform you, but don’t count on it. Most times people hack Twitter, Twitter won’t notice in time to help you.

How do I avoid a hack?

Keeping your account security starts with a strong password. That does, sadly, mean one that’s not always easy to remember, but car models, pet’s names and your birthday are out. So are the remarkable common and horribly obvious ‘123456’ and ‘password’. How these still top the list in 2015 who knows? You can also invest in the mobile verification two step procedure. It takes longer, but is significantly more secure. Remember to always be wary of opening content on shortened links, even when you trust the originating source. If it seems odd or unexpected, don’t open it.

By far the best habit to get into to avoid being part of a Twitter hack though, is to check the url when logging in. DO it for other social media and banking sites. People can make incredibly sophisticated fake pages. Watch out for email phishing schemes that attempt to get your data through similar means too. BE careful of third party apps installed to your profiles, and be sure to take and extra layer of care when working on a public Wi-Fi or computer.


Lastly, for corporate accounts be very sure of your password procedures and who has the ability to log in and out of your accounts- disgruntled employees can do a lot.get out of being hacked, visit http://www.pcworld.com/article/2988875/security/patreon-donor-details-apparently-spilled-after-massive-hack.html

Overall, the ability of malignant parties to hack twitter is simply a fact of modern social media. Take care with your online presence and avoid Twitter hacks.


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