How Do You Tweet to Someone On Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites being used today. Almost everyone is on twitter whether they are typing their own updates or following celebrity tweets. If you’re new to twitter there are a few ways we can show you how to hack twitter and tweet someone.

Tweet on a Computer

To tweet from a computer, you first need to create a twitter account. Go to their official website and create an account, from there you will need to verify your account and then sign into your account. The second step is to type into the box located in the top left corner of the page, this is what we call the “tweet box”, as anything you type here and post will be viewable by anyone on the web. If you would like to send someone a reply, then use the same box and type “@username” and you will automatically be replying to them. When you’re finished typing your message press the tweet button to official post your tweet.

Tweet on a Mobile Phone

It’s possible to tweet using a mobile device. To tweet on a phone, you can use the number 40404 (United States Only) and then text the word “Smart”. Once you receive a reply from twitter type the word “Yes”. Text your account username to your shortcode, and after that message you will be prompted to send your twitter password. To text a tweet type a person’s username “@username”. Then type your message and it should go through. This is not the easiest method, but if you’re in a pinch and need to get onto twitter this can be a useful method. Learn more.

Tweet on Twitter App

Download the twitter application on either itunes or the google play store. The application will run you through the steps on how to use the application. The twitter application is one of the top rated apps on the online stores. If you’re new to twitter it’s highly recommended that you first go on the computer as not all features are available through the twitter app.

Which is the best method?

Honestly the twitter app is most likely going to be the easiest method to use when you’re trying to use twitter. It includes most of all the features and you can easily access other parts of twitter by swiping on your phone. You will need to have an internet connection in order to run the app. If you don’t have any data plan or internet you will not be able to run the application or get any updates. So please be aware of this.


From all the latest news, interesting moments, and celebrity tweets, you’ll be able to also keep up with your friends and families tweets. It’s a good application if you’re looking to be connected with the community and what is happening in the world. Setting up an account and figuring how to do everything may be frustrating at first, but we promise that by following are steps you should be able to set up an account and post. Remember, learning how to use any new website can take time, so don’t stress if you don’t get how twitter works right away. A simple hack twitter has to offer is that you can also learn how to private message people if needed. Happy tweeting. To find out more, check out



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